Design Build

A Winning Collaborative Partnership

Building a new home, planning a major renovation, or designing an addition to an older residence is one of the largest investments a family will ever make. Of the multitude of decisions involved in the process, few will have a greater impact on the final product than choosing the right builder or remodeler for the job.

Terratech Homes is a company with an outstanding record of success in guiding customers through this challenging process. Terratech Homes unique customer-centered, collaborative design/build process has helped the company catalog an impressive portfolio of new homes and renovation projects and achieve a level of customer satisfaction second to none.

The cornerstones of this process are:

? Continuously build and nurture customer trust and confidence
? Remain the lead principal in every phase of every project, from start to finish
? Foster a collaborative team approach between homeowner, builder, architect, interior designer and craftsman to ensure that a shared vision and goal is achieved… the creation of a truly memorable and spectacular home.
? Institute extensive planning and cost control methods to ensure that every project is completed on-time and on-budget

Sustainability and Efficiency

The growing scarcity of natural resources and rising costs of energy have made many homeowners keenly aware of their need for and the value of energy efficiency and sustainable design and construction principles. Terratech Homes creates homes that withstand the vigorous demands of the environment and everyday living. Highly knowledgeable regarding the latest building science technologies, materials of construction and “best practices” for incorporating them in a residential home, Terratech’s design and construction processes ensure every homeowner optimum sustainability, efficiency and comfort. Built to only the highest standards of quality and structural integrity, Terratech custom homes and renovations appreciate in value, even in the most difficult times.

Why Design/Build?

Having experience with homeowners who have had difficulty in dealing with designers, city officials, tradespeople and suppliers when working on home projects, our team has found that planning and thinking through the entire process from concept to completion is the best solution for completing a renovation or custom home building project on time and within budget. Using the insight and knowledge we gain from clients in the design phase, we can provide the best experience in the actual construction phase and, ultimately, the best results.

Consider the benefits of streamlining the building process by hiring a team with over 28 years of design and building experience:

A Single Point of Contact

Eliminate the headache of negotiating with multiple firms for various services only to end up with conflict, communication gaps, frustration and cost overruns. Instead, the Terratech team of design professionals and skilled craftsmen become your one partner from concept to design to blueprints to construction.

A Design That Fits Your Budget

Advantages to Design-Build:

? Less costly than hiring an Architect and a Builder
? Budget is factored in from the beginning to make sure design fits, time is not wasted, and project is realistic
? Just one point of contact makes for greater clarity in communication from beginning to end
? Eliminates conflict of interest between Architect and Builder
? Project is moved more efficiently and timely through all phases

We are prepared to handle every aspect of the process:

? Design
? Permitting
? Excavation
? Well & septic installation
? Assistance with selecting finishes
? Construction
? Custom finish carpentry
? Overseeing subcontractors
? Grading
? Landscaping
? And finally turning the key over to you!

Most independent design firms have little construction experience, which often leads to a severe disconnect between the design process and the build process, which further leads to a disconnect between your budget and the actual costs of construction. Our experience in both design and construction allows us to tailor your project to your budget from the very beginning.

Lower Total Costs

Juggling different firms with differing agendas and conflicting schedules through many changes is a very painful process to pay for. Our approach streamlines the process to reduce costly re-designs and delays, incorporates efficient building techniques, and employs well-thought solutions to challenges to keep your costs down.

Accelerated Completion Schedules

Our integrated approach allows us to get to construction sooner by overlapping the design, permitting, and construction planning processes. Once construction begins questions and decisions can be handled rapidly because everything flows from a single source.

Enhanced Communication

The Terratech Homes process is based upon mutual trust — designing and building your home as if it were ours. We start with, “Who are you?” — your land, your lifestyle, your pets, your children, your parents. “How are you?” — disabilities, asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivity. We then keep that flow of communication going throughout the build phase with weekly on-the-job briefs and demonstrations. After your project is completed ahead of schedule, we will educate you in your new home or space.

Greater Flexibility to Customize

The Design-Build process in one that is challenging but one that should also be fun and exciting! We encourage and depend on your participation. There is no cumbersome back and forth between design firm and build firm so your home can be further customized even after the building process has begun. We are very proud of our artistic renderings and state-of-the-art modeling, but we understand that sometimes there is no substitute for standing in your newly framed family room.