Since 1986 we have been providing families like yours exceptional value in home ownership, and along the way we have learned a few things about building homes but more importantly about our customers.

We are demanding, we expect the best from ourselves and from everyone that is involved in building your home, we are detail oriented, and we have never done anything halfway. Some might call us, obsessive, or say we overbuild, we like to call it home building, and it’s the way we’ve always done it. As you stand in the doorway of your new Terratech Home, and welcome your parent’s, or your sister for the first time, you will be thrilled to know that we spent as much time as we did on the details, because the details are what brings it all together with that wow effect. At Terratech, we are honored to build the home of your dreams, we care about those dreams because our reputation is built on them

More than anything else, choosing the right homebuilder will have the greatest impact on your overall satisfaction, and not just during the purchase and construction of your home, but for years to come, long after you move in, choose:

Terratech Experience

As is often the case, the longer you do something, the better you become at it. Like homebuilding. It’s an involved and complex process requiring the skills and cooperation of scores of designers, schedulers, tradesmen (M/F) and inspectors. A builder that’s been around nearly three decades, like Terratech Homes, has the experience needed to ensure that everything comes together in the right way so you can begin making a lifetime of memories in your new home. We are Carpenters, by trade, and we understand the building process intimately, a little grey hair goes a long way to ensuring your home is everything you hoped it would be. Ask the other builders what they were doing 5 years ago, if they say selling used cars, or in middle school, well you know…

Terratech Quality

How do you know if a builder truly delivers on its promise of quality? Like us, they should have long standing relationships with trusted suppliers and subcontractors that stand behind their work.  Most importantly, they should offer a warranty to give each and every homebuyer years of confidence and protection. At Terratech Homes, we do all this and more so you can feel the quality that goes into your home the moment you step inside.

Terratech Design

A home has to look and feel just right. After all, if you’re buying a new home, you should be able to get what you want. To make sure you do, we continually talk to homebuyers to find out what’s important to them in their home. For some it’s a home office, for others it’s a three-car garage or crown molding to add character to a room. These are the things that transform a house into a home that fits your lifestyle. And they’re what set a Terratech home apart from all the rest.

Terratech Commitment

Every home is backed by a one year Warranty on workmanship and materials, two years water leak protection,  as well as five years of structural warranty through New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan. https://www.sknhwp.com/homeowners/warranty-coverages/

Even after you’ve settled in, we strive to continue to keep you 100% satisfied in your new home, with regularly scheduled visits from our service technician.