2014 Another Busy Year for Terratech Homes

Whether you have a small renovation, or a large new custom home, Terratech Homes would be happy to discuss your building requirements. We have a busy season of building ahead, but we have a bunch of great, productive employees here, and it keeps me busy, keeping them busy. They can chew through a pile of work in a month, and we are constantly developing new projects with that in mind. We frame our own homes, and additions, to give us control over structural quality, and to keep our projects on schedule. We don’t have to wait for framers to finish another project to get to ours, we do the scheduling, and the carpenters are there when we expect them to be. We are band-aid right off kinda builders, we will give you the start date when we sign the contract, and it might not be tomorrow, but we will be there on that date, period. Then we will work continuously until we are finished. Know that it takes a month (sometimes longer) for drawings, another month for the building permit. If you are thinking of an addition this summer, or moving into a custom home before Christmas, and want to talk to someone that has been building for over 30 years right here in Saskatoon, then drop by our open house Saturday or Sunday from 2-5 PM at 1402 Pohorecky Pl., or call Doug at 306-221-6060, and we can discuss your needs, and our abilities.